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Thrust Area of Existing Incubator

Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industry encompasses businesses and services that cater to travelers and provide accommodation, food and beverage, transportation, entertainment, and recreational activities. It includes a wide range of sectors such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, travel agencies, theme parks, and other attractions.

Internet of Things and E-Commerce

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of interconnected physical devices, vehicles, appliances, and other objects embedded with sensors, software, and connectivity capabilities. These devices can collect and exchange data, enabling them to interact with each other and perform tasks without human intervention. IoT has revolutionized various industries, including e-commerce.


The fisheries industry involves capturing, cultivating, processing, and distributing fish and other aquatic organisms for various purposes, including human consumption, animal feed, and industrial uses. It is a significant sector that provides food, livelihoods, and economic benefits to communities around the world.

Agri-business (ODOP)

The agribusiness industry encompasses the production, processing, marketing, and distribution of agricultural products and services. It involves a wide range of activities related to farming, food production, and the supply of agricultural inputs. The industry plays a crucial role in providing food, fiber, and fuel to meet the needs of a growing global population..


The biotechnology and biochemistry industry encompasses the application of biological processes, organisms, or systems to develop products and technologies that benefit various sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, energy, and the environment. It involves using living organisms or their components to create innovative solutions and address complex challenges.

Waste Management

The waste management industry involves the collection, transportation, processing, recycling, and disposal of waste materials generated by various sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional sources. Its primary objective is to minimize the environmental impact of waste and promote resource conservation through proper handling and treatment.

Women Entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurship refers to the establishment, ownership, and management of businesses by women. It encompasses women-owned businesses, startups, and enterprises led by women entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurship has gained significant attention in recent years, highlighting the contributions of women to the business world and economic development.

About Siddharth University

Siddharth University is a state university, established in 2015 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in Kapilavastu and situated at Sidharth Nagar. The university has professional, technical and vocational study programmes along with facilities for research.

The objective of Siddharth University is to cultivate business leaders and innovators for emerging economies. Sticking to the core principal, the incubation center aims to aid startups, stimulate their growth and facilitate their success through a holistic support system for entrepreneurs by providing them opportunities to access to finance, market and talent including mentors and subject matters expert.

About Siddharth Incubation Foundation

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Siddharth Incubation Foundation, Siddharth University, U.P. India. SIFSU is an initiative of Siddharth University for nurturing startups in aspirational district of Siddharth Nagar and adjoining areas. Year of Establishment - 2021


Invitation and welcoming of Ideas and Venture plans

Applications are invited from aspiring students/entrepreneurs having novel and commercially viable ideas to set up their units at SIF. These ideas/plans are validated with the aid of AI and industry experts.

Development of PoC, MVP and Prototype

The center assists in establishing proof of concept from submitted ideas and developing minimum viable product/prototype. The center further assist in converting them into successful commercial businesses in a self-sustaining manner.

Viability study

The center evaluates the viability of the products/service on various parameters and indicators. The center also help provide technical knowhow to selected ventures to become efficient and competent venture models so that they become eligible for formal funding support from donors, philanthropists, network partners and investors.

Comprehensive business plan

  • Shortlisted applicants submit their business plans to the Selection Committee.
  • The center makes every effort to ensure the utmost success of the venture.
Acceleration program

  • The center offers an active acceleration program in addition to incubation support to new proposed businesses in order to stimulate and support start-up ventures in becoming autonomous and self-sustaining over time.
  • In addition, SIF host activities like brainstorming sessions to facilitate rapid expansion.

  • We aid the ventures in raising capital. We link firms and entrepreneurs with investors through various fundraising stages, including seed investment, etc.
  • Mentors help and support them in building a Prototype or MVP (minimum viable product) and further help them in POC and Pilot run their business with corporate support and assist them in Go To market strategy in order to grow their business.
  • SIF conducts both virtual and physical mentorship programs at the institution. We engage experts whenever the government introduces new policies/schemes for proper handholding and mentoring.

  • Early-Stage Startups/Entrepreneurs are provided with mentoring support under various programs.
  • In addition, we assist in developing pitch decks for investors.
Successful off boarding/exits

  • After 24-hour supervision and constant handholding, the thriving incubatees are ready to exit the center and enter the market.
  • In a timely manner, SIF off boards the incubatees through various exits including initial public offering (IPO), etc.

Our Inspiration

Shreemati Anandiben Patel
Shree Yogi Adityanath Ji
Prof. Hari Bahadur Shrivastava